Doctoral Program on Educational Sciences-About Us

Welcome to the Educational Science Doctoral program of the University of Debrecen/Hungary


The University of Debrecen is located in the eastern part of Hungary and is one of the biggest and oldest universities in the Central and Eastern European region. The University of Debrecen is ranked among the world’s best 500 universities, with internationally acknowledged training, research and innovative interest at its core. With 14 different faculties, the University of Debrecen is a host to approximately 30,000 students in BA, MA and Ph.D. levels out of which 7,000 are international students. Not only does the university aim to be a prestigious and outstanding hub of knowledge, but also to nurture close ties with economic actors.

The Doctoral Program of Educational Sciences, a sub-branch of the Doctoral School of Human Sciences of the University of Debrecen was established in 1993. At the beginning the goal was to explore the social and historical correlations of education and also to shed light on current educational policies, challenges and solutions in this regard. 

The doctoral program also plays an integral role in making international connections in the areas of both education and research. Our international doctoral students, many with Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships, come from all over the globe, from the Asian, American, and African continents. By participating in and carrying out international researches, this program helps progress the university’s efforts in internationalization. The program aims to build an intellectual community whose participants consists the head of the doctoral program as well as the instructors and students.   The greatest achievement of this collaboration is the founding of the Center for Higher Education Research and Development Hungary. Its goal is to carry out world class research and also to provide inspiring researchers to join national and international workshops, seminars and conferences.

Our research center not only delves into the inner workings of tertiary education, but of primary and secondary education as well. At all three stages, our researchers employ both qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to acquire a bright and clear overview of the researches they have conducted. 

Our mission has always been to provide our Ph.D. candidates with sufficient and effective tools right from the beginning of their Ph.D. journey and in order to do so we seek guidance from our alumni whose immense experience can pave the way for the new comers. Since one of the most important goals of pursuing ones education at a Ph.D. level is to find a place at academia, we provide the chance of having a number of publications during the Ph.D. course. In this line the Ph.D. candidates have the opportunity to publish their research papers at our department’s online journal known as Central European Journal of Educational Research or CEJER. This journal opens a channel for communication between scientists in the fields of education and research around the world. It strives to connect academics in other countries and on other continents with a wide range of interesting topics that are unique in their own rights. We offer the best opportunities and platforms for the purpose of conducting shared researches, and intellectual exchange within the field of a topic that is universal to everyone, educational sciences.

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